You have created a lifetime’s worth of data on the Internet
and now you can give it a voice you can speak to.
Your Sidekik helps you
Make better decisions
I've been tired the whole week... You know why?
There's a lot of sugar in your Amazon groceries so your insulin levels crash.
Your AI gives you insight so you can be at your best.
Simplifies your life
How am I doing with my girlfriend?
You haven't talked to her in FB lately. Should I order flowers?
Your Sidekik helps you have stronger connections.
Is unique like you
Can't wait till new season of Black Mirror airs...
Me too! What's your favourite episode from Black Mirror?
Your Sidekik shares your dreams, hobbies & passions.
How it works
1. Choose AI abilities
Choose which data sources you wish to create your Sidekik from. The smarter it is the better decisions it can help you make.
2. Guaranteed privacy
Is it safe? It is safer than safe because only you have access to your data if you choose on-device computing (phone).
3. Have Your own Sidekik
Your AI uses neural networks, the same technology that powers everything from Siri to self-driving cars. And now it is time to meet it!
USA President
Powered by the same technology, you can already talk with the AI of the president of the United States.
Created by
Leaders & engineers who have experience from NATO and the Silicon Valley.
Johannes Tammekänd
Co-Founder & CEO
Naeem Taldukar
Head of Product
Formerly growth at Zapier
Johannes Tammekänd
Co-Founder & CEO
Kaspar Peterson
Co-Founder & CTO
Formerly at Mooncascade
Proudly part of Google and Nvidia family.
Enhance Yourself with Your AI
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