We Believe all of Our Legacies should have a Voice
Last year my grandfather passed away.

I felt a feeling familiar to a lot of people: I regretted not spending more time with him. I soon found myself diving into what he left behind - his letters, photographs, videos. So I asked what if I could bring his memories to life again?

That experience is what inspired the inception of Sidekik. Now, through AI & neural networks, we can bring data to life and currently we are doing so for the world's most remarkable people. Our long-term vision is 7 billion digital humans because we believe all of our legacies should have a voice.
CEO & Co-Founder, Johannes Tammekänd
The Sidekikers
We are Serial Entrepreneurs & Technologists Coming Together to Build the First Digital Humans.
Johannes Tammekänd
Co-Founder & CEO
Serial entrepreneur in cybersecurity and AI, ex-NATO. Made an exit with Payload-Security to CrowdStrike.
Naeem Taldukar
Previously led growth at Zapier where he architected ML- based solutions. CS from the University of Waterloo.
Johannes Tammekänd
CEO & Co-Founder
Ex-NATO. Architected deep learning systems in Payload-Security (employee no. 2 & exit to CrowdStrike).
Kaspar Peterson
CTO & Co-Founder
First software architect of Monese - a banking app that has raised over $70 million. CS from TalTech.
Mihkel Mõttus
Over 8 years of experience in marketing, previously leading some of Carlsberg Group’s largest brands in Estonia.
Rauno Kutti
Head of PR
Founder of VURR - one of Estonia's most successful digital agency's. Part of Publicis and Leo Burnett Group.
Kristjan Peterson
Full-stack Developer
Previously developed core banking systems in Icefire for large EU banks. CS from TalTech University.

Markus Lippus
AI Advisor
Data science lead and the co-founder of MindTitan - Estonia's largest and most successful AI development company.
Joel Burke
Business Advisor
Head of Business Development at e-Residency. Serial entrepreneur who previously worked with Tim Draper.
What will you ask AI?
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