7 Billion Digital Humans
Imagine a world where your loved ones never leave you - where you can talk to them long after their physical body has left the world.

Imagine a world where humanities greatest thinkers - Nelson Mandela, Charles Dickens, Socrates - can be brought back to life, digitally.

Artificial intelligence is changing the future of humanity in many ways, and the most impactful change is yet to come - a world where digital humans can be brought alive through artificial intelligence, to live forever. We now live in a world where this will be possible in our lifetime - transcending our physical form, and becoming a digital species.

Welcome to Sidekik.
Sidekik's Journey & Roadmap
May 2019
You can talk to several AI's, like the Dalai Lama & Elon Musk, etc.
Spring 2020
An open platform to start creating your own, personal AI.
Spring 2021
You & your AI can talk and interact with millions of other digital people.
You & your AI is part of a 7 billion digital humans society.
What will you ask AI?
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