The 7 billion AI's
Have you ever wondered why the Internet has benefited our lives so much? It's because innovation on the Internet is open to everyone - are you young, old or 2 guys from a garage. But today, our most valuable asset - personal data is locked in the hands of a few technology companies. Instead, imagine millions of people inventing on our personal data just like on the Internet. How much would it change our lives? We believe as much as the Internet.

The gateway to a whole new world and access to the Internet were given to us by PCs. The gateway to our personal data are our AI's. Enhancing our lives by making decisions for us and in the future even working for us. Imagine all the possibilities your AI can unlock by just giving it tasks that for you take hours but for your AI just seconds. Your AI communicating with the 7 billion humans and AI's to achieve your goals.
Sidekik's journey
January 2019
You can talk to your AI and it helps you make daily decisions.
Winter 2019
Developers can create new applications for your AI on our open platform.
Spring 2020
Your AI can talk and share your knowledge with millions of people.
Summer 2021
Your AI can talk with millions of other AI’s and make data-driven decisions for you.
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